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We offer you a wide range of engineering services and consultations to suit all your requirements

Real Estate Sorting

Building Licenses Issuance

Construction Designs

Creative Architectural Designs

Land Survey Reports

Project Management

Engineering Consultancy

Interior Designs

Quantity Take-off

Modern/Classic Exterior Designs

Electrical & Mechanical Schemes

City Planning, Special & Agricultural Plans

Ownership & modifying Real Estate Through Ihkam

Architectural plans

  • High-quality outdoor architectural perspectives.
    Interior architectural decor binoculars to illustrate the idea of the project.
  • Colorful architectural projections showing the distribution of furniture in the bedrooms and in the master bedroom
  • Three-dimensional architectural projections for the entire building roles
  • The general site plan shows the land and general dimensions of the building and the building’s setback from the property boundaries in accordance with the building requirements

Construction plans

  • Three-dimensional diagrams to analyze the facility and calculate the structural loads
  • Foundation panels, plinths, pillars and pillars
  • Plates laying ground bridges
  • Panels and ceiling plans of all sizes, construction calculations and details
  • Plates for water, sewage and swimming tanks with full calculations and constructional details

Mechanical designs

  • Plans for HVAC systems.
  • Plans of water supply systems
  • Plans of sewage and rainwater systems.
  • Fire fighting systems schemes

Plumbing schemes

  • Paintings for rain drainage, showing the slopes of roofs, external courtyards, and rainwater drainage channels
  • Plans of drainage and general plumbing works for all monasteries, showing the locations and directions of drainage lines and collection points & examination rooms
  • Plates detailing fine plumbing and mechanical fixtures.
  • Designing all household sanitation installations and determining the required pipe sizes

Electrical schemes

  • Electricity plans for each floor in full detail.
  • Electrical wiring diagrams for each floor or unit are independent
  • Dashboards detailing electrical works and precision electrical installations
  • Designing the control circuit breakers in each electrical circuit and determining the size of the required electrical wires and the strength of each circuit breaker
  • Preparing drawings, detailed and operational plans for all electrical installations in buildings.

Safety Systems

Hisca Engineering Consulting Office is one of the most distinguished offices in security and safety systems, as an expert staff has been recruited who are able to design and approve safety systems, alarm and fire fighting schemes.

Land Surveying

After Heska’s office, it is one of the leading writers in the field of surveying engineering in Al-Jouf region, due to the presence of a technical team specialized in surveying work, and the use of the latest technologies and advanced devices to produce work within precise standards.

The office provides the following services:

  • Sorting housing units and lands and approving them from the Ministry of Housing and Secretariats.
  • Surveying the existing lands and facilities.
    Identify and sign lands and plans on the ground
  • The development of villas, buildings, schools, residential and commercial complexes

Project management

To complement our engineering role, our team has the ability to supervise the implementation of projects to ensure the quality of implementation in accordance with the highest industry standards

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